The Lake Windermere Valley Echo

by underswansea


Just like that. Without fanfare or sparklers it’s gone. The Lake Windermere Valley Echo has closed it’s doors and ceased publication.

It has been a long time coming. The Valley Echo hasn’t been relevant for some time now. It perished a slow death, hanging in there as long as possible under the chain newspaper’s policies. The policy of trying to make a buck at every turn, at every transition. Making deals with the same, in the same boat. Business that never sticks in there. The Echo’s death was imminent as soon as these dipshits got involved.

The first newspaper executive I met was Keith Bennett of Black Tusk. He became the Publisher of the Valley Echo in the late 1980’s, propped up by the owner of Black Tusk, Bob Doull. Bennett was  poached from his low level position of ‘circulation manager’ of the right wing, Alberta Report.


Bennett hated the area from the start, and the people of the Columbia Vally. His first task was thrashing records, film negatives and hard copies of what formed the thirty year history of the Lake Windermere Valley Echo. Whatever came before him meant nothing.

I shared some late nights with the man who was the start of the chain mentality. The mentality of profit trumps trust, truth and integrity.

He was  weak. When his contract was up years later, he was gone and not a soul wondered or cared where he went.


It is tough not to reminisce on this last issue of The Echo.


It is difficult not to be angry.


Another fine newspaper ground to ash by Black Press Community Newspapers. A chain that thinks a cookie cutter approach to small community newspapers is the answer regardless of past failures.

The Valley Echo under Black Press lasted longer than they should have.

When the Pioneer Newspaper popped up. They did nothing. When advertising dollars started to slide they fired people.

Black Press management didn’t compete or care.

That was the end of them.


Black Press Community Newspapers answer was to try and buy up the completion. With the help of Bob Doull, of Aberdeen or Black Tusk or whatever they go by now, they did it.

Their future ain’t bright.

It ain’t the internet killing newspapers, it’s the imbeciles that own them.