old country

by underswansea


Such a good weekend. Lisa and I made the best of the mornings and evenings too.

The world is alive in ways we can’t understand. I’m not sure we deserve to stand with the birds, rocks, branches and fish.

We took a trip into some wonderful country. Country that is close to our hearts. Lisa dipped into the creek, tossing stones for Willow.

We saw a silver/blond grizzly above the creek. We tried to ignore each other.

I cut some lengths off a wind blown cedar.

The slides still have snow tangled in rock and trees. It doesn’t take much to block a trail and it doesn’t take much to clear it either.

It is warm. The garden is chugging along. We had our first spuds tonight.

It is lucky to be alive with the creeks, trees, lakes and rocks. Somehow they put up with us.

_LME4279New spuds and beets for supper.