by underswansea

_LME4273Backcountry mud.

damn it’s hot. the third day of plus 37. with no let up in sight. it’s water in the morning and beer at night. the basement is the best for sleep.

willow loves the river and turns against the current when fetching a stick. same as the big birds that take off against the wind, i figure. it would be easier to do it opposite.

it’s bad to go against trends i figure they are trying to tell us, once caught in the flow or current you are just going down. the ride is good at first.

_LME4268Willow against the current.

the current feels good. sure there is plenty of good stuff that floats by. the best feeling is going up stream. where the sweat grass grows. the fish spawn. where the night comes later. where crazy girls jump naked off floating logs. where the beer is stashed under roots exposed in the cold river.

cripes it’s hot.