by underswansea

RCE_8396Three blossom Glacier Lilly.

It is good to be in the bush again. I am wealthier by far, but still with worries. I am lucky to have friends to walk the trail with. To have one scout ahead and another to admire the flowers and birds.

RCE_8403.jpgWillow checking the trail.

I rushed to get out, worried about time, even though I had no where to be. It’s a hazard of our times to rush. Once on the trail I slowed. Everything slowed. It had been awhile.

It doesn’t’t matter how old you are you never stop worrying about your kids, especially when they are going through tough stuff.

RCE_8410.jpgA Hairy Woodpecker perches, giving us the business. 

We left the heat of midday and disappeared into the bush. Following elk tracks and wary of bears. Smelling skunk cabbage and fresh runoff. The perfect place to be considering.