by underswansea


Somehow, despite my attitude, that can be sometimes obstinate and pessimistic, it all comes up, including the weeds.

RCE_8315.jpgSalad bowl – a few self seeded volunteers. 

Today it was warm with rain. Yesterday it was thunder and lightening. Willow and I cut our walk short due to lightening. I figured, if I was hit it would ruin Lisa’s week and we have a lot to look forward to. It goes to show I’m always thinking of others!

RCE_8317Larry the garden gnome.

The garden is on the rise! Everything is up and reaching. I send Cooper videos of the garden growing and he loves them.

RCE_8320Irises transplanted from my childhood home. You can get irises in much brighter flowers now, but I love these.

Still plenty of cloud but they’re moving fast.