election disfunction

by underswansea

RCE_8244Willow driving me home the day after the election.

The BC Provincial Election is in the books. The Liberals hang on to government with a minority.

In our riding the NDP lost the seat to the Liberals. The NDP candidate, Gerry Taft, is disappointed. He has not had an easy ride this election. He is a strong person and an exceptional Mayor for Invermere, I hope he is able to take a couple deep breaths and put this election behind him and get ready for the next one.

A reason the NDP Party has been popular in this riding is due to their stance against the unpopular Jumbo Development. With the Jumbo Development and Municipality taking a back seat they were not able to leverage their stance for votes.

I know Gerry and respect him. He is informed, approachable and very smart. I almost hated the thought of him becoming an apologist for some of the NDP’s hair brain schemes they are known to pull out of the air. That and the NDP’s penchant to pander to public unions is reason enough to be thankful they didn’t form government.

With that said, there is no doubt Gerry would have been a strong voice in Victoria for Kootenay Revelstoke .

Doug Clovechok is our new BC Liberal MLA. He is a hard worker and charismatic. Like Gerry he is also very approachable. He probably would have won the last election if he hadn’t supported the debauch that is The Jumbo Resort and Municipality.

He mentioned in his acceptance speech that he will work hard as everyones MLA, including the people that didn’t vote for him.

He will have his work cut out for him earning the trust of the strong environmental voices in the riding. I suspect he will learn quick, first by not talking down to them and then listening to their concerns.

It is good to get this ugly election behind us. There were things about it I really disliked. Not who won or lost, but how one of the candidates was treated by their own party.