Election Day

by underswansea


It is an hour and a half before the polling booths close. I ran into NDP candidate Gerry Taft today and wished him luck. He was upbeat and confident. As far as I know he has never lost an election.

Provincially, projections predict it will be a tight race. The Liberals promise to continue the work they have done, protecting jobs with strategies that have made the province number one in Canada. The NDP promises better social programs, while exercising sound judgement, and continuing the gains British Columbia has made in recent years.

It’s a crap shoot!

IMG_5316Early morning Election Day calm.

It is BC Election Day. Will the BC Liberal Party hang on to their majority government or will the BC NDP party regain power after being the opposition for the past 16 years? Will the Greens have a breakthrough and capture a few seats?

I have never been able to call these things, so I will not attempt to now. In our riding of Columbia River Revelstoke, I know for sure, we will be getting a new MLA, as NDP incumbent Norm Macdonald chose not to run.

Will our riding stay NDP and elect Invermere Mayor Gerry Taft, or will Liberal Doug Clovechok wrestle it away and become our new MLA?

Stay tuned, as these questions and more will be answered before the calendar flips to another day!