by underswansea


Been out of the mountains for a few days. On arriving home the grass has sprung up, along with the dandelions. Both need to be cut.

Saw three black beers and a handsome silver grizzly driving home. People were stopped all over the highway, trying to get photos even though signs were posted not to stop.

For the grizzly, people were out of their vehicles approaching it with their cell phone cameras.

Usually, a Kootenay National Park warden is on hand to keep tourists in their vehicles and traffic moving. Highway bears can be docile, ignoring vehicles and people infringing, yet unpredictable, able to turn in a second.

My advice to a person stupid enough to approach a bear is; if you enjoy taking chances, keep in mind, if the bear turns it can move, at least, four times faster than Usain Bolt, so make sure you are, at least, four times closer to safety than it is to you. Even then you will probably lose.

The seedlings are up and reaching for light. At night we have to be wary of frost. The days are warm, even when it rains. Spring will move quickly now.