birthday gurl

by underswansea

RCE_7993Is it fair Deb is looking younger than me? If she let her beard grow it would be as grey as mine.

Very fine day. The sun busted through the clouds on occasion. It had power.

It was my sister Deb’s birthday today. Deb is a fantastic gardener. Her yard is beautiful, with flowers in pots and plots and a wonderful vegetable garden behind the studio with beans that climb eave high.

I’ve always given her shit, so why not a little more. Every gardener can use manure. I even put a birthday candle on top of the pile.

It must be wonderful to have been born in April. Our parents planning obviously went out the window when I was born in November. No wonder Deb is cheerful and I’m cranky!

It seems we can’t put two nice days together. Every draw and mountain top still has snow. Tomorrow the spuds are going in along with the lettuce and onions. Regardless, I say, hell or high water.

Lisa and I talked to Cooper today an FaceTime. I could tell he wished we were all together. Tomorrow I well send him a video of Lisa and I planting the garden.

Looks like rain tomorrow. Spring rain. The kind you can turn your face toward.

Sunday . . . Deb will be busy spreading the gospel . . . if the gospel is the shit!