hurry up and slow down

by underswansea

RCE_7951Willow kicking up snow in the spring time bush.

Very fine weekend. Maddy and I started some seeds; Black Cherry tomatoes, kale and squash.

Maddy made Chad, Lisa and I bruschetta and it was excellent. Grandma and Grandpa were so happy to see her.

The last few weeks have been early mornings and late nights.

It was good to have the weekend.

Willow and I tried checking out the mountain orchids, but there is still too much snow in the back country. They will be blooming later this year. We had a good time walking on the hard snow. Later that night we tried spotting a few Lyrid Meteors. The clouds kept getting in the way. We detected an aurora storm behind the clouds. If it had been clear it may have been spectacular.

RCE_7960Venus, a far away beacon between the clouds.

As it was getting light Venus cleared the mountains and found a spot between the clouds.  It won’t be long and it will be lost to our lengthening days and the glare of the sun.

_LME3807Strange auroras shining through.

My good neighbour, Larry the Stubborn Cuss, gave me shit today! However, it’s not the kind of shit I am used to taking from him. He scored a few loads of premium manure and kindly gave me a pick up load for my garden.

The garden is ready to be planted with the cool weather vegetables; carrots, spuds, peas, onions, beets, lettuce.

The tomatoes, squash and peppers will have to wait for the warmer weather at the end of May or start of June.

It seems the seasons are flying by. There never is enough time to get everything done. Once in perspective it’s a minor inconvenience.

RCE_7948Willow sporting her new stripped look, courtesy of Lisa.