photo shoot

by underswansea


Tom and Kelsie asked Lisa and I to take family photos. We gladly agreed. After a bumpy ride to the benches, we piled out of the car. Cooper, wearing good clothes, fell in the mud. The good dog Gemma didn’t cooperate either, rolling in something off to the side.

We got some good shots. Kelsie is absolutely beautiful with her baby bump. Tom is proud of his family.

Cooper continued to be uncooperative. More interested in exploring and finding rocks.

I asked Kelsie to hold the camera while I gathered him up. I gave Cooper a small flower. Kelsie took this photo before we loaded back into the truck.

Kelsie is an exceptional photographer. Kelsie and Tom are wonderful parents. Lisa is a loving grandma. And Cooper and I are photogenic. Which is different than handsome, but we are handsome also. Make no mistake.