by underswansea


The weather has been up and down this past Easter weekend. Just when it turns nice another storm rolls in over the mountains.

Tom, Kelsie and Cooper came to visit for the weekend. Lisa and I love when our kids come and visit from the city. We hope they always think of this house as their home. Always a welcome place. The place were they have shared love and also tears.

KMS_8516Cooper with a handful of stones covering worms.

Cooper and I raked the lawn and checked out the garden. He loves the outdoors so much that him and I had our first disagreement. He wanted to skip dinner to stay outside. I had to do some fancy negotiating to get him to come inside so his mother could feed him. Once we were both fed we were ready for bed. It is funny what the fresh air and some work will do.

The garden is ready to be worked. My neighbour reported his garlic is up. Plenty of spinach and lettuce, gone to seed last year, is sprouting. The rhubarb has busted through and will be knee high in no time. Lisa has already promised pie.

I dug a few forks of soil. The worms were plentiful. Each shovel turned could send a man fishing for an entire day.

Cooper’s job was to cover the worms with soil. They are safe underground and good for the garden. He put small stones in a bucket. It is a hard job taking what you need and protecting the rest. The best kind of work.

Very fine weekend.