by underswansea

RCE_7784Where’s Willow?

All winter long I have been watching a couple of American Dippers in a small lake below my vantage point on the bank. Attempts at getting closer was impossible due to the deep snow and my refusal to hike through the white stuff.

RCE_7770I think I smell mice!

Today with very little snow left Willow and I walked down. You guessed it, the Dippers were gone. I poked around looking for green shoots, buds and cress. There was plenty of birdsong. The sun even came out. Willow took to hunting mice in the flattened long grass. This is one of her favourite pastimes and one of my favourite pastimes is watching her.

RCE_7772I do smell mice!

Once and awhile she will catch one. She will happily eat it, and later she will usually regurgitate it. Yuck! Despite her tenacity she was unable to bag one today.

We enjoyed a bite of breakfast beside the creek. Willow got in a swim. The bears should be awake and possibly the ticks. I look forward to seeing the bears, not the ticks.

RCE_7779Willow the Great Canadian Beaver dog.

When we came back down into the valley storm clouds were forming in the west. It was rain and snow by the time we reached home. A nuisance but bound to green things up.