entering the silly season

by underswansea

IMG_2054.cGetting my game face on for when they come a knockin’.

Yup, It happens every few years. You know what I’m talking about – the provincial election. Or as I lrefer to it – the ‘fucking’ provincial election.

May 9th almost everybody over fifty will cast a vote. The rest of the province will hope for the best.

In the Columbia Valley/ Revelstoke riding we will decide to continue to hope for the NDP, out of power for the past four elections, but cheering, nevertheless, for an overly earnest and hardworking candidate, or hope beyond hope for the smiling, slick, big spending cowboys that are the Socreds. . . I mean Conservatives. . . I mean Liberals. . . BC liberals I mean. Just to be clear.

Every time this season comes around, I ask myself if I really want to be involved, given the issues and the candidates.

There is nothing like a political party, right or left leaning, that  returns favours and feeds it’s friends.

The Liberals feed big business and political insiders. There is no shortage of examples. Especially here, in the trench that lies beyond the sight of the big house in Victoria.

On the other hand the NDP feeds the apathetic, bloated, public unions who scream more, more, more. Never mind, the fact, without fail, the NDP regardless of good intentions, always seem to fuck things up and get mired in scandal while governing.

Who do you hope for in a fight like that?

Some say spoiling your ballet is a waste, same as not voting.

But look at the choices!

Let me put it to you this way. Who would you invite in for supper?

If Bill Bennett (Kootenay East), rolled up to your house on an ATV. Spinning mud, with a large gas can bungy strapped to the back of the machine and a rifle holster on the side of the Polaris, he had named Stallion, would you let him through the door? Okay, granted, maybe you would, but would you regret it after he told you all his boring stories, drank your booze, and refused to leave.

What if Norm MacDonald (Columbia/Revelstoke), putted up in his smart car, not going over 30 miles an hour and told you all teachers are heroes, public unions should not just be respected but compensated. Then asked if you had an outlet to recharge his car. Complained the food wasn’t organic, but ate it anyway, all the time telling you how you should live.

Would you invite them in for dinner?  The thing is most people don’t have to rub shoulders with either of them. They live in a world and regular people in another. That’s the problem with politics and our representatives.

With politicians the best you can hope for is what is good for them coincides with what is good for most people.I always feel grateful when a politician does the right thing for the wrong reason.

This is the only good news I have to give you; Norm and Bill are both retiring. Going to their elitist, multiple pension paradise in the sky. Perhaps after all this time they will realize they have more in common than they previously thought.

In my mind’s eye I can see them going fishing with each other, laughing, congratulating each other . Bill will drink organic, fair trade green tea. Norm will have a non-union, non-craft beer. They both will choke it down, enjoy it even, no problem, and why shouldn’t they

Meanwhile, more like them are lining up, taking their place. A fresh slate as  they say.

Lord help us.