cloudy skies clear sinuses

by underswansea


It has been long enough or so I figured. The peppers have been fermenting for about six weeks.

It’s an experiment. I stuffed some store bought peppers, carrots and mangoes in a large jar to ferment.

If the results were good I’d try it again in the fall with vegetables from the garden.

Fermented food is easy to make and good for you. Maybe those old-timers knew a thing or two.

Popping the lid on the vessel was uneventful. Not much heat. I munched a carrot and it was HOT!

The next job was pureeing it. Easy work if you have a handheld blender. After, I pushed it through cheesecloth, getting rid of any pulp and seeds.

Lisa left the kitchen and went outside for this because it made her face burn. My nose was clear.

Once jarred, I realize I have more hot sauce than I will ever use.

The result is good. It is about as hot as Tabasco. Sure I could make something really hot, but it still needs to be edible. The colour is a vibrant orange/red.

Tomorrow I will have some eggs and a few drops. That’s when I will know if it is a keeper.