polar bear plunge

by underswansea

_lme3217Tanelle and Butter prepare for the plunge.

This post is a little different than usual for palliserpass. Last night Larry (my good neighbour), Byron (my other good neighbour) and I took part in a Polar Bear Plunge. The event was put on by the RAD Society to raise funds for the purchase of adapted ski equipment for disabled skiers.

Lisa took the photos of us jumping in and said they had to go on this blog. If you are wondering what a Polar Plunge is, let me explain it this way; cut a large hole through three feet of lake ice, in the middle of winter, and then jump in!

If that sounds ridiculous, you are right. It is also a lot of fun.

The well-organized event saw a group of hearty plungers, many in costume, take the dip into the frigid waters of Lake Windermere. Few lingered more than a few seconds before jumping out of the pool-sized hole in the ice and into a nearby, man-made hot tub.

Now this is a young persons game, but Team Walrus, sponsored by Shrunken Rudder Bait Shop (It’s all about the lure) couldn’t be denied. We had embroidered robes and rented shorts, again, courtesy of Shrunken Rudder, complete with a warning on the front, ‘Caution: Objects are larger than they appear’.

_lme3264Team Walrus. When the sun goes down the big boys come out to play!

Seriously, it was a wonderful event for a great cause.

Many Columbia Valley businesses sponsored RAD, and members of the Panorama and Windermere Fire Departments were there to provide a helping hand.

_lme3257Warming up in the redneck hot tub.

It takes plenty of people to pull off such an event. Credit is due to Tanelle Bolt, Ryan (Butter) Karl, their team of volunteers and all the sponsors.

Team Walrus is already looking forward to next year’s event. By then my testicles should have dropped back to their original position.