by underswansea


Hasty Jubilee said it this way:

“It’s like being in a room with people and everyone is whispering. You can’t hear what anyone is saying, but it’s loud, because there is so much chatter; words on top of words. It’s important, but deafening, nothing can be made out. You strain to hear. You strain until your head hurts and the only thing you wish for is to be able to make out a few words and understand. But it’s not to be. It’s never to be. It becomes your life’s work to hear those voices. You know they gotta be saying something.”

Then he laughed and said, ‘I’m shitting you.”

He turned towards the tracks. They were laid like they always had been.

Time, history, sadness and ghosts roamed the world of Hasty. It was a true world, one that most would never be able to see.