snow then sunshine

by underswansea


Yesterday evening the Robins reappeared in the Mountain Ash. It was good to see they managed through the snowstorm. Maybe they will think twice before they arrive early again.

The temperature has risen to a balmy +1°c. Today was magnificent with sunshine. It was warm enough to shrink the snow, but not warm enough to turn everything into cold soup. It was great to shovel trails around the house and get the weight off the deck. We even got the neighbours truck unstuck. Willow ran the paths. The snow was soft enough that she would break through.

In the morning the snow will be frozen hard enough to carry Willow’s weight, while I will break through making it difficult to keep up with her. She will recognize this right away and make a game of it. If it wasn’t for me carrying small bits of cheese and meat she would probably leave me in the cold, stranded like a long legged calf moose, at the mercy of wolves.