chilcot report

by underswansea


Sirius twinkles twice as hard when it rises over the mountains. Not surprising it is often mistaken for a UFO.

The news keeps blasting on. Trump finally said something true. In his interview with O’Reilly he brought into question the United States roll in the world as ‘killers’.

Republicans and Democrats denounced his comments. Pundits on both sides were wary.

On CNN one of the talking heads brought up the United States roll in the 2nd Iraq war, when Bush and his administration went looking for weapons of mass destruction.

By the time none were discovered a half million Iraqis were dead. The area was further destabilized. The seeds for ISIS were planted and America’s reputation was tarnished beyond repair.

One of the pundits replied that it was an honest mistake.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, ‘an honest mistake’. Tell that to the people who died and continue to die because of the United States past policies.

For government, an honest mistake is paying too much for toilet seats and fighter planes. Invading and levelling a country is not an honest mistake. It could quite possibly be considered a war crime, but not an honest mistake.

While Hillary Clinton and Trump were battling it out before the Presidential Election the Chilcot Report was released in Great Britain. It documented Great Britain’s and Tony Blair’s profound mistake of blindly following the United States into an unjust war. It made recommendations how to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

In England Tony Blair gave a press conference. He shed tears, asked forgiveness but owned up to his part of killer. Outside the press conference protesters lobbied he be declared a war criminal.

In Canada, the Chilcot Report made the news. We could smugly say we weren’t part of the invasion. But we are not innocent either.We stood by.

In the United States the Chilcot Report got zero press. CNN, FOX and all the others kept carrying Trump and Clinton adolescently bashing each other. It made for good TV. The Chilcot Report would have disrupted the circus, plus nobody wants to face up to being duped.

Meanwhile George W. Bush was laughing his ass off making shitty portrait paintings in his mansion in Texas.

United States; politicians, media and citizens, do the whole world a favour and get your  fucking shit together or we’ll all end up fucked.