river walk

by underswansea

_lme3128Perseus and it’s double star cluster parallel the Columbia.

Willow and I were out early walking the river looking for stars. In the morning The Milky Way is turning into the east and laying low against the mountains. In the coming months more will reveal itself before dawn.

riverThe glow of the valley bottom in the distance. 

At -18°c it sure felt cold after the warm day we had yesterday. Willow barked at what I assume was a river otter on the banks opposite. I could hear it splashing in the creek. Willow came and stood guard beside the tripod while I took a few pictures.

A brilliant meteor streaked in the west while me camera pointed north. Just like fishing, sometimes you catch them and sometimes you don’t.

cancerThe exquisite Beehive Cluster in the small constellation Cancer can be seen middle, left of the frame. The twins of Gemini are below the cloud and just above the largest tree. 

The chill kept us moving and we returned home long before light, satisfied by the stars, and ready to start the day.