first robins

by underswansea


Lisa and I noticed a small flock of Robins at lunch. After work they were still in the trees. I counted eight. They were all fluffed up to ward off the cold. They seemed content, even chasing each other around in amorous pursuit I suspect. January seems early to see so many. Although we haven’t experienced it in a few years, it can get damn cold, as low as minus 30 and 40 c, in February and March. Hopefully, these spring birds won’t get caught.

It has been a grey day and seeing their rosy breasts was a real treat.


Lisa and I took Willow for a walk along the river before dark. I brought the camera with hopes of seeing the solitary American Dipper that sometimes wades the river below the old bridge. The Dipper was no where to be found, perhaps the Robins signalled the time to head north.


As we walked we commented what an active dog Willow is, and how much she enjoys having a job. Today, she took it upon herself to rescue pieces of ice floating down the river. It was funny to watch. She was proud as punch bringing them ashore and even packing one through the snow back to the truck.

Very fine evening.