small messenger

by underswansea


When my son was born I cried. I cried because he was so beautiful. And I cried because I worried.

I wanted the best for him. We were down at the time. His grandparents loved him without a worry.

I worked hard. Spending long hours at the shop. I missed a lot.

I bruded. Counted and kept track of others I thought luckier.

I grinded the gears for a long time. It is simpler now. You learn lessons along the way.

I’m a grandfather. Cooper is a wonderful little boy. I had a dream last night of showing him how to fish. Showing him how to watch the current and rocks. The sky cleared and we switched flies to a one with some yellow.

Times are tough. But no tougher than before. I am an old man. When I hold his hand I feel so good. I only have hope.

This weekend Cooper told me I will be a grandfather again. Lisa and I are so happy. Our congratulations to Kelsie and Tom. They will have their hands full.

For us, it can’t be more wonderful.