first skate

by underswansea

rce_6843Let me go, grandpa!

There is nothing like the feel of lake ice under your skates. Sure it can be rough and cracked, the temperature can be cold, but once you feel it you never forget it. There is nothing like it. When I was a youngster I spent countless hours on the lake, only coming home when it was dark and my mom called me from our house on the hill above.

I told Kelsie it was about time Cooper strapped the skates on, after all he is one and a half years old! So we all bundled up and off we went to find a patch of cleared ice on Lake Windermere.

rce_6921smSafe in grandma’s arms!

We left the hockey sticks at home, thinking we should just get the skating part down first. Cooper is very serious when he is trying something new. He needed a helping hand, he didn’t have much for edges on his strap on skates and spent some time on his bum, but he kept on trying. Next time he will be that much further along.

rce_6838Feeling the ice!

Before we know it he will be darting around on his own. His mom will be yelling, watch out for grandpa, and I’ll be blowing steam into the cold air like a chimney on an old coal burning hospital. It doesn’t get better than being a grandpa!

rce_6829The little-man taking a ride with the old-man!