boxing day

by underswansea


Lisa and I have had a wonderful Christmas!

It has been a busy December, trying to get the house together while working on several projects.

The renovations where finished five days before Christmas. We had to touch up paint, install lights and switches, hang curtains and get everything back to order.

Our furniture has been scattered, here and there, mostly in the basement for months.

We decided to do what we could before our kids arrived on the 23rd and get the bare minimum together. We don’t have any pictures hung and the bookcases are still waiting for the books.

Our children braved snowy roads and arrived safely.

I’ve made a whole bunch of mistakes in my life. I seem to have the gene that keeps me from being, what people would call a success. I have a way of sabotaging my own cause even when the path looks certain. My father and grandfather had the same affliction.

Luckily, I have Lisa. Somehow she always keeps everything all right.

The last few days our house has been alive with so much laughter and love. To say Lisa and I are blessed is an understatement.

We had eighteen for Christmas dinner. There was much conversation and laughter.


Boxing day is a slow day. The kids are skiing and skating. Lisa and I cleaned up. I spent the morning up the creek with the dogs. We saw a few townsends, a lonely eagle, a gang of ravens and an entire herd of waxwings.

I forgot the beer outside last night. It’s damn cold but not froze.

Sometimes you get lucky!