thin ice

by underswansea


The temperatures have dipped down to -10°c the last couple of nights. it has been enough to put a skim of ice on the lake. Very late this year, often we are skating before the end of November.


The regal Maynard came along for our walk today. He is a Cocker Spaniel. A sturdy breed that has an instinctive awareness in the bush. He and Willow are good friends. But chase different paths. Willow is interested in smells and follows her nose. Maynard prances, making herself big watching for intruders. They both get serious looks when the coyotes yip. They like to talk to me in friendly growls and barks. They probably think I’m the stupidest dog they’ve ever encountered. Yet, I’ve been elected to carry the food so they protect me.


We went for a quick walk on the hills above Lake Windermere. The lake has a very thin layer of ice. With luck, it will get bitterly cold, without a flake of snow, the ice will thicken enough to skate the twelve miles from end to end.

That doesn’t happen often.

The weather has been weird, so who knows. My fingers are crossed and my skates are sharp.