november recall

by underswansea

A few months ago we received a recall notice for the head rest on our truck. No big deal. I made an appointment at the dealer. Today, Lisa and I drove the 80 miles to the city for the appointment.

They said it would take at least three hours to fix and gave us a courtesy car. We went to Walmart. As soon as I was there, my back started to ache and it felt like I was walking through wet concrete.

After Walmart we went to a place more my speed, a used bookstore. Although I don’t need more books I picked up a couple, and the fall issue of Oxford American magazine.

We still had time to kill. Since it was lunch we picked a spot on the strip. It served a buffet and had the ambience of a prison cafeteria. But the food was good. They didn’t even ask if you wanted something to drink, but left a pitcher of water on the table.

Lisa laughed, because after lunch I went up for dessert and came back with another plate of lunch. I told Lisa there wasn’t any dessert so I had to bring back something.

After that we went to Home Depot. Although we weren’t going to buy anything, we decided we needed a new toilet.

Every toilet we have had has been the cheapest one available. They are cheap for a reason.

This time we browsed right into the mid priced toilets. We settled on the most expensive unit I could talk Lisa in to. It promised, ‘flushing power 4times’s what is needed of the average adult’! I told Lisa I liked it for it’s stylish lines.

When we arrived back at the dealership, they said the headrest didn’t pass the inspection and it would have to be replaced. The parts were on order, and when would I like to bring the truck back.

I guess I was mistaken in thinking a recall meant replacing or fixing the problem.

Next Monday, I’ll be driving the 80 miles and doing the same thing over. I’ll probably skip the toilet and buffet. . . and Walmart.