sun up

by underswansea


Once light, Willow and I headed for the creek to watch the sun rise. We drove until the snow stopped us and then we started walking. We were lucky a snowmobile had been up a few snows earlier and the walking was easy. I could have made better time on skis. We had to be back down by twelve so we hustled. At -10 I could feel my beard freezing. I’m sure Willow felt the same.

rce_6560Sun below the ridge.

Willow occupied herself, running ahead, checking out rabbit tracks. I admired the blue sky and watched the sun catching the tops of the mountains, while waiting for it to make it’s way down to us.


Finally the tree tops lit up and then the trail. It was time to head back down to the valley bottom for lunch.


Very fine morning.

rce_6610Back at the truck, Willow looks worried, because she thinks she is going to have to drive down the mountain, and she is not used to driving in the snow. 

rce_6590I wanna walk like a giant on the land.