it’s the whiskey kicking in

by underswansea


There is a bunch of large problems out there we don’t have much say about. Take the election in the States. First of all it’s not our election. We are Canadian. I’m sure Trump, or American citizens can give a rat’s ass what we think. Yet we love to comment, and we say the damndest things, everything from acting superior to feigning surprise.

But when it comes to our own communities, where we can actually make a difference, most people keep their mouths clamped shut, not wanting to rock the boat, while small time local politicians, school board officials and business people call the shots.

We don’t say anything negative about the job they are doing because they are our neighbours and bosses and it could impact our lives. They also like to point out, regardless of the personal gain their positions bestow; they are doing the job as a public service.

This is the true gift of these folks, fuck things up, rake in plenty of money and let the minions praise them for a job ‘not’ well done. And, finally, get the hell out of Dodge before they figure it out.

Consequently, the real estate agent turned local politician, or the ineffectual school superintendents get their way, and have a much bigger impact on our lives than Trump or Trudeau.

It’s sad really. Discouraging. Yet we watch the news with mouths agape. Thinking, ‘cripes I’m glad things ain’t that way here’! Sometimes, we get so down, we let ourselves act like victims.

Maybe all the bad news on TV is paralyzing us to act locally.

You want to be a good environmentalist, don’t throw coffee cups out the window. That sounds like it may not make a difference, but if you can’t do that, your opinion on the tar sands means shit.

It’s the same with the comments on Trump and Trudeau. If you can’t stand up to the problems and hypocrisy in your town or neighbourhood, then how do you expect to change the world’s problems?

I know it’s hard, that’s why there is so much yapping about nothing.