remembrance day

by underswansea


mapDapper’s Passchendaele.

The clouds never got above the bottom of the mountains today. That happens at this time of the year. The lake is warmer than the air. Once the lake freezes the skies will turn blue.

I thought hard about my grandfather Dapper, and my father Ron, both wounded, physically and spiritually in the First and Second World Wars. How was I spared? What did they see? Do their experiences haunt my DNA in ways I can’t understand? My only answer is to be thankful and make the most of the gift they gave me.

scouts-msRon training for invasion.

Kelsie, Tom and Cooper came for a visit. The garden is still going. Cooper and I went out to take a look. It’s cold but his mom left his gloves off. She knows me. Cooper has to be able to feel the soil, pick the kale and catch a dry leaf or dig for worms. It’s important he has choices. There is nothing like interest to keep a body warm. Besides, there will be plenty of time later, to shake the blood back into our extremities and warm our limbs over the inside fire.


Cooper pulled one of the last remaining carrots. I pulled a large beet. He still doesn’t have all his teeth for chewing (I can sympathize), so for a snack, I cooked his carrot until soft. Since there wasn’t any meat, Cooper ate his vegetable first.

I expect the same weather tomorrow. Kelsie, Lisa, Tom, Cooper and I will be heading up the mountain to get above it.