Leonard Cohen

by underswansea


There was always a couple of Leonard Cohen poems in Canadian poetry textbooks. They were like gems waiting to be found. Later,I discovered he sang his poems, but it wasn’t really singing. It was something else. Something pure. Something you don’t hear every day.

He mixed it all up; humour, sorrow, sexuality, eloquence, love and rawness all entangled in a form of storytelling I’d never heard anywhere else.

A long time ago a young women told me one of his songs (I am not going to mention the song) was about ‘going down’. I thought it was about geography! Sure enough, even though I’d listened to the song a hundred times before, she was right. Leonard made you clear the wax out of your ears.

In his last few albums he laughs at his own fortune and misfortune, like there ain’t much difference between they two.

I’m sure glad I found those poems in school. Thanks for everything Leonard.