by underswansea

rce_6055Cooper testing the river.

There are always checks and balances. I am in my fifties. I know not much more than I did when I was in my teens.

We had a English teacher in grade eight that told us, over and over, we were doomed. Population was exploding, opposing countries were developing nuclear weapons.There was a war coming, he’d say. He had travelled the world. He reminded us every chance he could that we were a bunch of hicks.

It scared the living shit out of me.

I told my father about it.

My father, in his fifties,didn’t try to console me. He said, he had faith in human kind.

That’s all he said.

His father brought bullets back from Passchendaele. His mom and dad cried when he joined the Canadian Army at seventeen to fight in the Second World War.

Strangely, as I can be a cynic, I’ve adopted my father’s outlook. I have faith in human kind.

What my father said has played out in my lifetime. Faith in our fellow citizens can’t be underestimated. Faith and common ground has allowed us to strive.

The english teacher was sent packing after he picked a fight with a student and had the shit kicked out of him.

The right side wins just enough to give us faith.

The wins are few and far between..

They don’t call it hope because it comes easy.