early november

by underswansea

enidOrion, Taurus and Pleiades and a strange atmospheric glow.

It dipped to -4°c during our morning walk on the benches. It didn’t seem to bother Willow, while I wished I hadn’t forgot my gloves. Orion is ruling the sky and will do so throughout winter. The Milky Way has turned with the bright centre disappearing under the horizon. Come February we will watch for it’s return in the late morning.

Since we had some extra time we dropped in on Steve’s lake. He knows where the fish hide and is as content catching them himself or watching the happiness of others while reeling in the big ones. Sure enough, I heard a big one jump into the crisp November morning. Perhaps trying for one of the stars buzzing overhead. I’ll have to tell Steve!

The coyotes starting yipping all around us. Willow paid them no bother, which is good. A few more moments and it was time to pack up and get on with the day.