red willow

by underswansea


There is a time you give up fighting, pointing out wrong and decide to just get along. It happens. It comes after so many defeats cheering for the underdog. Nobody admits joining the other side, through lethargy and just being plain tired, it happens.

It has been something to watch the United States Presidential Election. It is easy to consider it a joke. My good neighbour and I joke about it all the time. What would Clinton do? What would trump do? Perhaps Trudeau should build a wall.

But the one thing I know, is you do not disparage anybody millions of people are willing to vote for. You do not trivialize a single vote.

How would I feel if I lived in Appalachia, in coal mining country, and watched my families way of living fall apart?

How would I feel if I was a parent in the inner city watching kids shoot at one another? Killing each other.

Of course, most people in America don’t belong to either one of these groups, but they may sympathize with one or the other.

Voters may realize most that is said by both camps are lies. But what do you do? You tend to vote with the one spouting the right (or left) rhetoric.

The same thing is happening in Canada.

This I know. We should never stay silent and accept the shit the media and politicians feed us.

Don’t get me wrong. They are not coming to get us, so put away the rifles, but remember, regular people can do so much when we put our heads together.

So if you are feeling weary. There is plenty of ass to kick. There is nothing wrong with not getting along.