mid october

by underswansea

rce_6365Snow on the ridges.

Willow and I put in a good hike today. It can be both nasty and spitting and sunny and fine.  November is on it’s way. Most of the leaves have dropped. The tamaracks have turned, standing out against the fir, pine and spruce.

rce_6375At first sight good looking mushrooms.

There is plenty of snow in the back country.

rce_6376From the Amanita family and poisonous. With hindsight I bet aboriginal people would have thought twice and let the missionaries eat them. 

I cooked up and mashed a few rutabagas (winter turnips), not Lisa’s favourite, but my mouth is still sore, so she allows it. It reminds me of my youth. There won’t be any refuge under the covers tonight.

rce_6373Tamaracks turning.