cash remembers

by underswansea


the old man was cold sober and blue. his eyes grey held a spark. his forehead had lines of anger etched now forever. eyes held on to treeline. waiting for the sun to run out of mountaintops. it was already cold in the creekbottom. he spoke slow.

there are times i feel like ripping it up. clawing the eyes out of the night. hunting down every living thing. enemies and lovers. making them beg forgiveness before snapping their neck. before putting one behind their ear. before ripping out and eating their heart.

but those days have past me by. the anger still rolls around in my guts. but i keep it at bay. i throw beer and wine and whiskey on it. smoke it out with players kingsize. satiate the beast with pussy when the chance arises.(laughing) sometimes i hide it up here in the bush.

sometimes nothing will do. still it s better than it used to be. maybe the booze is finally working. i even get more ass now. bet you wouldn t ve guessed that.

let me tell you if you can t forgive you better fuckin know how to destroy. even if it only gives you a moments respite.

thats my advice son. take it or leave it.

the sun was down. the sky turned ceil. he took a long pull from the bottle.

there was a drunk comin on same as snow.