by underswansea


Last year the sauerkraut was made in pail. I weighed a plate down with a stone to keep the cabbage under the brine.

Weekly, I scraped the mold and yeast off the top of the cabbage. After six weeks I jarred it up. It was damn delicious! Just ate the last jar last month.

I didn’t give any away, because if I told how it was made nobody would eat it.

There is a fine line between rotting and fermenting.

Yet many good things are fermented with time – like wine and beer.

This year I have a fancy set up. A glass crock with a valve that lets air out but not in.

Lisa laid the law down. The pail with rocks has been retired. Too smelly, she said. And I can’t argue.

The crock is supposed to work as well.

Time will tell.