early october

by underswansea


The rain’s been falling on and off steady for a couple days now (that’s an old-timer’s sentence, since I have no teeth in the front and a scrap on the bridge of my nose from running into a branch, I think I qualify to use it).

Counted a few claps of lightening in the valley bottom. The creeks are up for this time of year. Windermere is still running up high instead of dry.


The renovations are coming along. We have a new roof but no eaves yet. The rain runs straight off. I opened the door this morning to let Willow out. Willow took a look and didn’t want to go out.

It is damn near dark by eight. A skunk has been waddling around outside driving Willow crazy. Luckily they haven’t met ass to face yet.


Willow has been lucky so far. No porcupine quills or skunk smell. Our meetings with bears have been amicable. It’s the coyotes that worry me, but Willow stays close.

You wouldn’t know it from these photos but the colours are beautiful at this time of year. Gold tamaracks, creeks clear and blue reflecting the sunken mountain and the sky metal and livid.

There’s no denying it, the snow is on it’s way down.