by underswansea


There is nothing better than having a handful of good vegetables for soup. Throw a bone in and you have something special.

The cabbage is coming along.The heads are solid. It can withstand frost. My mother said I was allergic to a lot of things growing up. To feed me she gave me vegetables. Cauliflower, carrots and the cores from cabbage where my favourite. I still never turn down a cabbage core.

The whole celery goes into the soup. Stalks and leaves. There is only three celery plants in the garden. The outer stalks get harvested and low and behold they grow new new outer stalks. Another plant that keeps on giving.

The dill is in seed, good because it will spice the soup. The thing about diil; you’d better like it because you will never get rid of it.

The beets are as big as baseballs. A few minutes under boiling water and the skins come off. Perfect to sweeten the soup.

I throw the tomatoes in last. Skin, seed and all.

A glug of red vinegar, and a glass or two of wine or a beer, there is nothing like it, not even from Campbells.