net zero

by underswansea

_LME2266.jpgMaddy and Willow fishing for Rainbow Trout.

My daughter Maddy loves to fish. She always has, and she has always been good at it. She has the right temperament. It is about being in the moment. She is also glamorous, with lovely hair and complexion. She likes having her nails done and she wears makeup. People on Facebook and Instagramย call her gorgeous.

But when she leaves the city and comes back home she turns back into my little girl. We joke around, reminisce, we talk about family and relationships. Either the fish bite or they don’t. It really doesn’t matter.

_lme2328That’s a fresh fish!

Today was extra good. We spent time together and the fish were biting. We brought a few home for supper. Kelsie and Lisa were waiting for us. Cooper loved his fish. He made sure Willow got a few scraps.


I said it was a ‘net zero’ supper. We caught the fish and the vegetables were out of the garden.

Proof the best things are free! Very fine day.