early september

by underswansea

_LME2259Willow guarding the days harvest. 

Early morning breakfast on the backside of the mountain. There are signs of fall in the low brush. Willow chased rabbits and mice, but came when called. Lisa pointed out robins and bluebirds that seem to be flocking up for a trip.

_LME2231Mr and Mrs Carrot. When they were first together, many said he was too short for her. When she heard the gossip, she smiled and said he was well endowed in other areas!

It was fruitless trying to get photos of these little birds. They were skittish, vocal, flying from branch to branch then turning down the mountain, by the time they were in the creek bottom they numbered hundreds.

RCE_5962I aster thrice but she still won’t marry me.

Picked some vegetables. It’s getting chilly at night. It will slow down now. The carrots will harden and the onions will dry another layer. The clouds and sky will resemble metal. The elk will move down and a chill will accompany the dawn. All is a good and right on time.