all four seasons

by underswansea

RCE_5933Early morning fishing.

Lisa and I had wonderful weekend with the kids. We went on some nice walks and enjoyed some lovely suppers and good wine together. Cooper walked on his own during our walks. He even pulled carrots in the garden for supper.

During spring, I planted carrots with Cooper in mind. They were a Burpee seed called Short and Sweet. If the carrots are short and stout, kids can pull them easily without breaking the tops. When our children were small I planted a carrot variety that was about the size of a golf ball. They were easy to pull and tasty!

In my experience kids love picking and pulling vegetables in the garden. My gardens have always been unruly places welcoming to both children and dogs. It is surprising how much respect they both show if you give them a chance. It is nice to have another youngster in the garden.

RCE_5954.jpgTrying to hold the camera steady.

A small storm blew in this afternoon. The garden is chugging along. I picked a basket to give away. Carrots, onions, patty pans, zucchinis, beets, beans, spuds, celery and kale. To date I have only had a handful of ripe tomatoes. The air is getting a coolness to it. The tomatoes better get going, otherwise they will be ripening inside in the dark!

Visited Sister Deb today. We both chipped in and she ‘scored’ us some hearty varieties of garlic (she has a connection). Deb plans on eating hers throughout the winter. I plan on planting mine in the fall. This is a difficult for me as I am poor at fall plantings. In our neck of the woods, garlic needs all four seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer, to mature. You wouldn’t think it would need our cold fall and winter, but somehow it does.

RCE_5896In the dark.

The renovations are coming along nicely. The studio has been built onto the house and the floor will be poured within the week. It looks shitty in the yard, building supplies everywhere and the grass dead where it had to be unearthed. Lisa goes into the unfinished studio each day and says she gets a good feeling. I have learned to trust her feelings.

And here is the funny part; the house is torn apart, we are entering into a new phase of our lives, one without any guarantees, we still have everything to lose, we are slowing mentally and physically (me more than Lisa), our careers are shot and we are making a quarter of the money we made in our hay day.

And yet Lisa and I couldn’t be happier. Our children enjoy visiting us and we are proud of them. The bush is always there even after the longest days. We grow as much of our own food as we can. We try to figure it out for the lean months. We have fun. The same as Willow.

RCE_5939Heading south.

And the greatest of all, somehow after all the time of worrying about money, or standing hitchhiking beside broken vehicles, or watching over sick kids or parents, the long nights, we still love each other, more now than we ever have. We’ve never needed a reason.

When I think about it, it makes me smile and that’s a bad thing because I’m still missing three front teeth.