bad to worse

by underswansea

RCE_5912On the rocks.

I’m not in the shape I once was. The back injury earlier in the summer took it out of me. Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty good.

Yesterday I was hiking in the mountains. Going up a steep trail at a good pace. I was even congratulating myself at my ability to recover. I still have it, I thought.

RCE_5916Sometimes the road gets rough.

That’s when it happened; due to my heavier than normal breathing, I sucked in a bug and started coughing.

Willow, following behind, looked shocked. I kept coughing and then the real bad thing happened. I bit down hard and broke my bridge. Three of my front teeth came loose. I made sure not to suck them in as well.

I gathered my senses (and my teeth) and turned back, figuring I had enough fun for one day. It was a good two hours later I finally coughed up the bug. I expected to see a large six legged locust. Instead it was a small mosquito!

IMG_4478Puff balls past their prime.

I finished my hike with three less teeth and a sore throat, all due to a mosquito!

My brother called me that evening. When we were young we played a lot of sports and we played rough. He was older, so he taught me many things. Once he hit me in the head so hard with a butt of a gun I saw white light. All I could think, was how happy I was he was playing with me, and I had better not show I was hurt or he may quit playing. In his defence, he didn’t mean to hit me that hard, or so he said.

Anyway, I told him about breaking my bridge while hiking. I was still reeling from the traumatic event. Of course, he could remember me originally losing my teeth while playing hockey.

All he said was, ‘I’m surprised those false teeth lasted you this long.’

So now I have quite a smile. The dentist is booked till the middle of September. On the bright side Lisa thinks I look sexy (bless her heart), because I remind her of her hockey hero, when she was a young girl, Bobby Clark.

Willow and I went out for another good hike today. I made sure to breathe through my ears.