smoke ’em if ya got ’em

by underswansea

RCE_5906A small Downey Woodpecker.

she put an end to his drinking and driving
not that he did a lot of it
only in the bush
he d hit the backroads
and pop a top
open the windows
suck in some dust
wash it down with bud.

it was the opposite of work
listening to hank iii
everlast, johhny cash
stopping for squirrrels
and downey woodpeckers
blinded by the sun through the trees
it s like they say
all good.

she s right of course
she s only looking out for him
it s against the law
not that it matters
or he gives a shit
sometimes it spills
he d been known to litter
they don t always land in the box
once in the burn
he got drunk in the fog
and forgot his way out
shit can happen.

since he can t drink no more
he took up smoking
unlike the drinking
it s exclusive to driving
the dogs hate it
she doesn t like it much either
but he s a work in progress
one thing at a time.

he even tries to do it when she s not there
his liver s thanking him
his lungs are cursing him
he smokes em faster
than he ever drank em
the other day cruising off swansea
the cherry flew off his colt cigarillo
he couldn’t find it
two miles down the road
cruising at a good clip
it was like a wasp stung
him in his left nut sack.

he swerved
the truck teetered
the dogs lost their footing
if he had a beer
he woud ve spilt it
about ended up in becker s field
there was a cigarette burn
in the crotch of his jeans.

a day later and for a week after
it felt good scratching
his itchy burnt nut
through the hole
in his britches.

he s not sure what will kill him first
the emphysema
or a head on with a tree
either way
he doubts she will let him go back
to drinking and driving
when he explains it s safer.

in his experience
once something is taken away
you never get it back.