sometimes you get lucky

by underswansea

_LME2167A new Arctic Fritillary butterfly (I think) suns it’s wings on an equally young dwarf sunflower.

Lisa and I have been away in the city visiting our children. We are lucky to have them all in the same place. Tom, Kelsie and Cooper made Maddy and Chad, Hunter and Lisa and I a wonderful steak supper with lots of vegetables from his back yard garden. It is amazing what he has done with the space he has.

It was hot when we were away. The good neighbour came over and gave the plants a drink. Somehow it seems the weeds have taken off. Also the beans and squash need picking (my chore after this quick post; the mosquitoes are going to eat me).

Lisa and I can’t get over how good our children treat us. We try not to over stay our welcome, but it is tough.

When we arrived, Lisa walked Willow up the street, while I took our bags in. I rang the doorbell (everybody locks their doors in the city). Tom and Kelsie answered the door. Cooper was across the room and when he saw me he yelled, “Gran-pa, Gran-pa, Gran-pa”, and ran towards me. I picked him up and he was really happy, but probably not as happy as me!

Cooper looked at me and said with his expression, ‘If you are here, where is Grandma?’

I carried him and we went up the street to meet Lisa. She said, she could hear him yell, but didn’t think it was him because he usually uses a soft voice.

I’m going to tell you, there isn’t a better feeling!