by underswansea

perseidA Perseid fireball falls into the fireweed.

Lisa and I took to the creeks feeding the Palliser. I was disappointed because of the rain. I feared the peak of the Perseids would be clouded over.

_LME2047The last of a waxing moon.

I even whined. Lisa consoled me, tried to cheer me up, saying it would clear. We got a fire going. Ate some food. Lisa had on my big jacket, a toque, and long underwear. But took her bra off. It was like a magic trick, She pulled it out of the arm of my jacket. She’s always been a master of distraction.

_LME2125Perseus, burnt trees and a Perseid.

We napped and when we awoke it was clear towards Perseus. We cheered the meteors. They streaked hither and yon. Willow wandered the perimeter, keeping us safe.

Very fine night.