logging roads

by underswansea


It doesn’t take long to get deep in the bush. ‘A’ road, ‘F’ branch, you have to know the creek you’re on and how many km away from the main road.

Some say the Road didn’t exist. Kind of like the 13th floor. Atlantis! Noah’s Ark. Forgotten! Left out!

Let me tell you I’ve searched.

After a thousand miles I found the sign post. The timber is good up there. There is a spring that gushes out of the mountain. And plenty of deer, wolves and bear that watch my every move.

Once you turn onto it.

A murmur of starlings, takes off, slow at first, then picking up speed, spreading their wings over the low branches of summer.

To watch them go is spectacular.

Even though, you can find it once, the forest keeps growing.

Next year, I’ll be asking for directions again.

I’m determined, but clumsy, that way.