bull riding in the rockies

by underswansea

RCE_5483The longest 8 seconds.

This year’s Bull Riding in the Rockies was dedicated to the memory of Ray Brydon.

RCE_5530Brazilian bull rider.

Ray was a long serving volunteer with the Columbia Valley Rockies, among many other organizations, and worked tirelessly on making the Bull Riding event the success it is today. Ray would have been happy to see all the happy folks taking in the event.

RCE_5618Young cowboy in the making.

It was good to watch the festivities and snap a few pictures. And that’s no bull!

RCE_5452There is only one way off.

RCE_5641Howdy boys!

RCE_5460A ten gallon hat for a half pint.

RCE_5583.jpgHey there friend!

RCE_5504.jpgDo you think this is a good idea?

RCE_5505Maybe . . . 

RCE_5506. . . not!!!

RCE_5450Commandeering the flying bull! 

RCE_5556“Those guys are crazy!”

RCE_5597“Oh shit!”