river country

by underswansea

RCE_5693Like a sigh of relief.

Lisa and I set out early for the Palliser River.

RCE_5695All that cabbage.

It was Lisa’s idea. I get stuck in my ways sometimes, happy to have breakfast on the cut blocks  overlocking the shallow creeks.

_LME1913White water.

Soon we were in familiar timber. It’s like falling off a bike. We had a story at every bend of the river. We saw a small black wolf. It was curious, but we made sure to put some distance between us.

_LME1638The road takes a turn for the shitty.

The river has changed course since the last time we saw it.

We scouted out spots to watch the Perseids.

We remembered our parents, thanked the sky and woods for our children, and all the fun we had on the rocks beside the river.

_LME1908.jpgLisa working on her burn.

Lisa said how nice it will be to show Cooper these rivers and mountains.

_LME1875.jpgWillow jumping the deep water.

Willow and I swam the creek. Lisa put her feet in but wouldn’t shed her clothes.

_LME1791And I’m still happy I float.

On the way back all we could say, over and over, was what a nice day.