pickled beets

by underswansea


The garden has been suffering from neglect. It was good to get in there today and knock some weeds down, straighten a few things out and pull the bolted spinach. I still haven’t caught up, but it is better than it was.

It’s hard to figure, we are not taking kids in every direction or running a business, but we seem busier than ever. The only thing I can figure is we are slower now. At least I am. Lisa still moves like a sexy bullet. That’s the kind that can change direction in a hurry, in case you are wondering.

The renovation has started. The guys who are doing it are local. They are used to building million dollar houses or working on big renovations. They seem to be happy working on our little place.

Lisa made 12 jars of pickled beets today. They smelled so good while she made them. The brine is infused with allspice, cloves, yellow mustard seed and cinnamon sticks.

It is a combination of my mother’s and Lisa’s grandma’s recipe.

It is quite a job pickling beets. But damn they are going to taste good come winter. Lisa is a wonderful cook. Come Christmas dinner, in front of family and friends, I’ll take all the credit because I grew them.

Of course, the family are getting older now and seem to be on to my scam.