* important foraging news

by underswansea


It seems, April and her dad, Christian were out in the valley enjoying a holiday from their home in Calgary.

And is there any better way to spend a day then hiking around and foraging for a bite to eat? That’s a rhetorical question, of course there isn’t!

They reported finding plenty of Nodding Onions and decided to give them a try. After carefully identifying them by spotting the purple lily like flowers. They pulled a few from the ground and peeled off the outer layers of the root.

April and Christian kindly sent me the above photos of their foraging adventure.

They described the flavour of their bounty as tenaciously oniony, yet picking up strength, even sometime after they had been consumed. April commented, she was having trouble getting the taste out of her mouth!

Some time later, Christian disclosed to me via text, he was getting complaints about the Eau de Onion exuding from the depths of his being.

I should have mentioned, drinking a beer while eating the onions, promotes the projection of the offending exhaust and expedites filling the room with the spicy effluvium. I am sure Christian’s girls would enjoy the aroma as much as mine have in the past. Next time Christian!